Behjat Sadr

Iran | 1924 - 2009
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First Attendance
23 October 2008
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Average Realized Price
36,513 USD
Average Min Estimate
24,988 USD
Average Max Estimate
34,718 USD
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The Venice Biennale: A Creative Economy-Based Art Enterprise 14 May 2024
The Venice Biennale is one of the oldest and most prestigious avant-garde art exhibitions in the world, with a high level of credibility. In addition to presenting artists' works and introducing them, this biennial is important for predicting and creating new artistic trends. It manages its events with a multidisciplinary model of organization and management, which has made its natu...
The Market of Iranian Female Artists 16 March 2024
In its annual publications, Artchart consistently evaluates the contributions of both male and female artists. Notably, in the report from the 19th Tehran auction, there is a focused analysis on the achievements of female artists throughout all Tehran auctions. The document presented below has been meticulously prepared to offer an in-depth investigation into the market presence of...
In this report, the works of Iranian artists in the online auction of Christie's Dubai in the contemporary and modern art of the Middle East are discussed. In this auction, 15 works by Iranian artists were present, from veterans such as Manouchehr Yektai to young contemporary artists such as Rokni Haerizadeh. Information such as total sales, growth rate and the most expensive works...
Iran's Art in London's Islamic Art Week, An Overview 6 May 2023
London Islamic Art Week is an event that is held two to three times a year; Every spring and autumn, Sotheby's, Christie's, Bonham's, Chiswick and Rosebery's Islamic artauctions are held in different cathegories by the Islamic and Indian Art departments. These auctions include art works of the Islamic world from the middle of the 7th to the 20th centuries, and among them are works f...