• What is ARTCHART and what services does it offer?

    ARTCHART is a platform for analyzing MENA’s (Middle East and North Africa) Art market; It provides an archive of data related to auctions, art fairs, artists, and their sale records, and represents it to the users. ARTCHART also provides various analyzes of the art market using these data and statistical calculations; These analyzes are useful for a wide range of users, such as artists, critics, and anyone who is active in the art market. By subscribing to the ARTCHART newsletter, you can access the latest analysis before others.


  • How can I become an ARTCHART member and make a profile on the website?

    You can subscribe to the ARTCHART newsletter through the box at the bottom of this page; But if you want to make a profile and present your artworks, you should know that making a profile for each artist is done only by the ARTCHART team. ARTCHART has profiled nearly 2,000 artists so far and continues to expand its records according to the priorities.


  • What are the standards for creating profiles for artists in ARTCHART?

    Since one of ARTCHART’s goals is to provide a data bank of artworks’ selling records, priority is given to artists who are active in the art market; This does not mean that other artists won’t present on ARTCHART, but it means that this collection will complete in the future. If you have been active in the field of visual arts in the last few years, you can send us your artwork’s image and information (including solo and group exhibitions and sales records) via email info@artchart.net. After checking, if your information is confirmed, our experts will contact you to receive additional information. It should be noted that due to the large amount of data sent, the confirmation process may take several weeks


  • Which art markets does ARTCHART cover in its data collecting?

    ARTCHART covers the auction and exhibition records of Iranian artists inside and outside Iran, as well as artists from the Middle East and North Africa. It should be noted, this information are constantly updated, and the ARTCHART database is still expanding.


  • Can I sell my artwork on ARTCHART or buy artwork from ARTCHART?

    ARTCHART doesn't have any activity around buying or selling artworks. on the website.


  • What is the difference between a professional user and a standard user?

    The standard user’s access to the information is limited to the records about last five years, but the professional user has unlimited access to the ARTCHART database. The professional user also accesses the art market analysis outputs provided by ARTCHART.


  • How is the fluctuation of the conversion rate of Iranian rial to dollar calculated in ARTCHART?

    All Riyal prices on the website are converted at the daily rate of the dollar price at the hammering time; For example, if an artwork hammered for 200 million Rials in 1997, its dollar price will be calculated by the conversion rate on the auction’s date. Therefore, this artwork may be more expensive than the artwork sold for 300 million Rials two years later, in 1999. (Duo to the inflation rate in Iran)


  • How can I report an error or share my difficulties to the ARTCHART team and ask my questions?

    ARTCHART has made all its effort to ensure that the information recorded on the site is accurate and up-to-date. If you have any questions or have seen any mistakes on the site, you can contact us via email info@artchart.net or phone number +98-021-26401481.