The most expensive living female artist in the world
Women and the 2021 Global Art Market: 100 Most Influential Female Artists you should Know
In this article, Artpro magazine has examined the market of female artists in 2021. Their research has shown an unprecedented growth in the share of female artists in total sales. This share has almost doubled from 2012 to 2021, however, it has only reached six percent of total sales. In this article, the statistics of the top 100 female artists in the world and their sales record in different parts of the world have been reviewed and presented to the audience in the form of charts.
4 January 2023
New media in the future of the art market: non-physical art in the digital world 30 January 2023
With the acceleration in science and technology, we encounter a new achievement every day; Many of these achievements provide capabilities for artists to be able to use it as a medium or new media for creating artwork. In this essay, Maryam Darvish has discussed the role of new media in creating and representing artworks in the art market.
The bright future of Iran's art market 30 January 2023
Imagining a future for the art market in Iran seemed like an unattainable dream two decades ago, but today it has become a pleasant memory that we should hope for its continuation. In this article, Mohammad Nouraie announces on the bright future of this market by examining the growth trend of Iran's art market.
Not all artworks reach the art market: Which artists have captured the market? 30 January 2023
Due to the limitation applied to the supply in the art market, this market has an exceptional nature that many economists have avoided explaining it in the form of conventional interpretations; In this article, Mehrnoosh Ali Madadi has investigated the nature of this market in relation to its main players and how to enter it.
Commodification of art 28 January 2023
Karl Marx' view asserts that determining the material value for anything (whether it is an object, activity or even an idea), which usually does not have an economic aspect, causes it to become a commodity; Such as the commodification of education that some people provide for university degrees in exchange for money, or people who sell their body parts for various reasons. This show...
Outsider artists' market 28 January 2023
In past recent years, Outsider artists have been receiving more attention in Iran; But about western Outsider artists, this attention goes back many years. This has caused art fairs and a separate section in some auction houses to be dedicated to these artists in the world. In this note, Marzieh Eftekhari takes a look at these events and provides a brief review of the outsider art m...
Iran's art market outlook: A circle that became smaller over the years 25 January 2023
The life of the official and serious activity of Iran's art market in global dimensions is nearly 20 years; This short life has been accompanied by many ups and downs. In this article, Sahar Azad has discussed these ups and downs in detail and by comparing the Iranian art market with foreign countries, she has presented her analysis about the future of this market.
A short analysis of Isfahan school watercolor painters' market 25 January 2023
Isfahan school watercolor painters' artworks have recently gained attention and are sold in domestic and foreign auctions. This essay, gives a brief introduction and a report on the market of Isfahan school watercolor painters.
Drawing market: the best-selling medium after painting 24 January 2023
Drawing ranks second after painting in terms of sales value in the art market. This short essay discusses about the medium of drawing and its place in the art market.
Modern and contemporary art market in the Middle East and Asia: 2021 market review and 2022 outlook 23 January 2023
Every year, ArtTactic presents a report on the sales value of art auctions in different regions of the world; In this report, the sales value of auction houses in different parts of the world in 2021 and its outlook in 2022 have been studied. This article is a part of the main article in which the sales value of four auctions: Christie's, Sotheby's, Bonham's and Tehran in the Middle...