Art Dealing and Gallery Ownership, Overlapping Activities

29 November 2023
Art dealing has always been associated with a negative charge, especially in the art world! Perhaps the reason is related to the material aspect of art, the profiteering of dealers and the loss of some artists. There are many historical and famous examples of a fight between a dealer and an artist, one of which is the controversy surrounding Scull's auction at Parque Bennet between Robert Rauschenberg and Robert Scull; Scull sold Rauschenberg's "Double Feature" for $90,000, a work he had bought much earlier for a much lower price.

But regardless of all the negative auras surrounding the work of art dealers, if we consider art as a product that is created by the artist, then the dealer is an intermediary who delivers the product to the consumer (art lovers or collectors). Therefore, whether we like it or not, the dealer is an intermediary who is active in both the primary and secondary markets.

In the following, you will read a preliminary description of the relationship between the work of a dealer and a gallery owner in Iran and the world.
Arshile Gorky & Fiorello La Guardia

This text is only available in Persian.


Sevana Boghossian
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