Reza Derakhshani

Iran | 1952
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First Attendance
24 October 2007
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Average Realized Price
56,531 USD
Average Min Estimate
36,475 USD
Average Max Estimate
51,119 USD
Sell-through Rate
Average Growth of Artwork Worth

21 billion artwork that did break the record 26 July 2023
The 17th Tehran auction: modern and contemporary, was held on Friday July 21st, 2023 at Parsian Azadi Hotel. This auction achieved a total sale of 214 billion tomans equivalent to 4.3 million dollars, which was a growth of 77.8% compared to the previous period. Artchart has observed the 17th Tehran auction in the upcoming report.
From the Sepehri's trees to the painting's of Pooya Aryanpour; An overview of the Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern auctions at Bonhames and Millon 29 May 2023
The modern and contemporary art auction was held on May 24, 2023 in Bonames and Millon & Associes auction houses. Iranian artists such as Sohrab Sepehri, Manouchehr Yektaei, Parviz Tanavoli and Marco Grigorian to younger ones such as Pooya Aryanpour were participated in these auctions and some of them were among the most expensive one's that were sold. This report is an overview...
In this report, the works of Iranian artists in the online auction of Christie's Dubai in the contemporary and modern art of the Middle East are discussed. In this auction, 15 works by Iranian artists were present, from veterans such as Manouchehr Yektai to young contemporary artists such as Rokni Haerizadeh. Information such as total sales, growth rate and the most expensive works...
Iran's art market report 1401 15 May 2023
When the Art Hall team was looking for the Iranian artworks' sales records for art appraisal, felt the void of an authoritative art reference. That's why Artchart was born in 2019. The purpose of launching Artchart was to create a database of the Iranian art market that can be used as a reference for a wide range of people, from artists to art collectors. Now Artchart has collected...